Apartment complex Residence Portorož is situated right next to the Marina Portorož. It consists of seven buildings with ten apartments in each villa.

The view from the apartments of the Residence Portorož goes all the way to the nearby Portorož, embraces the dreamy world of the Karst and then slips far away to the horizon where the blue of the sky meets the endless murmur of the waves.

Prestigious Mediterranean architecture and selected interior furnishings of the apartments provide for a relaxed and peaceful stay just meters from the sea.

The villas are named by the winds of the Adriatic Sea: Burin, Levant , Ostro, Lebič, Maestral, Ponent in Garbin.


Burin is a night thermal wind, blowing from the land to the sea. It is caused by the thermal difference between the land, which after the sunset cools faster than the sea. Because of this, it blows only close to the shore, farther away it weakens and eventually disappears. It blows after the sunset and until the sunrise from the direction north-northeast to east-northeast. Burin is a typical wind for the whole Adriatic coast, with varied strength, which does not exceed 6 meters per second. It is most pronounced in the summer, when the weather situation is stable with no effects from the passing fronts. Burin is different from the strong and cold Burja wind, it is actually very pleasant and refreshing wind.



Ostro is the wind that usually blows in the Adriatic with the approaching cyclone from the north or northeast. It is most common in the open waters of the Adriatic Sea. It blows from the direction of the south. It is a passing wind and usually short-lived. It is a stronger wind and is announcing the arrival of bad weather with thunderstorms



Maestral in the Adriatic is a pleasant, shore-bound thermal wind, blowing from the water to the land, as the land during the day warms-up faster than the sea. Maestral is the wind of the nice weather and higher temperatures. During the summer's nice weather, it blows every day. At the Slovene shores it blows from the direction west-northwest, in the majority of the Adriatic from northwest and in the extreme south of the Adriatic even from the west. It starts blowing at 10h in the morning, at about 14h achieves its maximum strength and it stops at the sunset.



Levant is the wind from the east and it appears mostly when Burja is transforming to Jugo or the other way around. In the winter it's accompanied by freeze and it can cause the snow to fall. In the summer it blows in the morning hours in the clear and stable weather conditions. It blows thru the channels between the islands of the central Dalmatia and since it is a combination of Jugo and Burja it's usually wet and cold and can bring rain. 



Lebič is a short-lived wind that usually blows from the southwest direction. In the summer, Lebič appears with the passing of the thunderstorm over the Adriatic. It is extremely strong wind, but short-lived. It is the strongest in the central and south Adriatic while fairly weak in the north.



Ponent usually blows from the west. Its curiosity is that appears suddenly. Commonly it appears with the cold wind. It is short-lived storm wind and can cause large swells. Typically also brings strong rain. In the bays facing due west it causes large and damaging swells



Garbin is one of the names for the wind Lebič. Actually in the area of the Adriatic Sea we find quiet a few different names for it, the most common being Lebičada, Garbin, Garbinada, Lebićoda, Garbinoda, Jarpka and Donjak.


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