Information about the property


Description and classification

The apartment complex Residence consists of 7 buildings with ten apartments in each building, with underground parking spaces, atriums, exterior parking spaces and functional land. It is located in the municipality of Lucija with the use classification of: tourism, tourist care and services. The apartment complex Residence was built in 2006 and in 2007 was issued a use certificate which classifies the use of the buildings as: 1211 - hotel or similar buildings for short-term stay. The buildings are not classified for permanent residences (non-conforming classification 11 - permanent residence buildings).


Apartments in the apartment complex Residence are condominiums with individual parcels and are sold as a separate part of the building with a share of the common area and the land. Each apartment has at least one underground parking space and some apartments have their own terraces, atriums and exterior parking spaces, as shown in each apartment's specification.

Terms of sale, taxes (PTT or VAT)

Apartments are sold fully furnished and on as-seen basis.

In case the buyer is registered in the scheme of value added tax (VAT) in the Republic of Slovenia and is entitled to VAT deductions, then the sale of the real estate property is taxed based on the officially prescribed rate, in accordance with the first and second paragraph of Article 45 of the Law of Value Added Tax (ZDDV-1, Official Gazette of Republic of Slovenia number 117/2006 and amendments thereafter) and buyer and seller shall specify this in writing in the sales contract. If the sale of the real estate property is excluded from the VAT scheme, then the property transfer tax (PTT) of 2% must be paid. PTT is calculated from the tax base value, which is the sale value and is paid by the buyer.

Sales procedure, form of Offer to Buy

Should the buyer decide to buy an apartment, they need to submit to the seller a binding Offer to Buy (signed, signed and sealed if by company) to the following address: Stoja Trade, d.o.o., Dolenjska cesta 242c, 1000 Ljubljana, or to the email address zoran@stoja-trade.si.

Offer to Buy must include the following information:

  • - Offered price (in EUR)
  • - Buyer’s information (first name, surname, title, address, EMŠO/government issued ID number, tax ID number
  • - Terms of payment (excluding the down payment, which is payable in 5 days after the date of the signed sales contract
  • - Statement that the buyer is a VAT registered entity in the Republic of Slovenia and entitled for the transaction to be taxed under the VAT scheme. Without such statement, the transaction will be taxed under the property transfer tax regime (PTT/DPN), payable by the buyer
  • - Validity of the offer


Contact us

Call us during the work days from 8h to 16h on +386 41 652 141 and make an appointment for a free tour of the apartments. Or you may simply fill out the contact form below.

Exclusive Seller

Stoja Trade, d.o.o.

  • Dolenjska cesta 242c
    1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • +386 41 652 141
  • zoran@stoja-trade.si